Wednesday, 11 February 2009


He is not my champion.. but he taught me how to be my own champion..

He is my first and only president until today.
I chose him when I was 16 years old
I've never been disapointed
He was the first president in the Middle East to talk about peace and dialogue

Now I'm a 27 year old reformist
I choose him in the next elections.. not as a champion.. but as an idea..
An idea of peace, dialouge and reform


  1. Naravad Mikh e Ahani bar sang!

  2. دوست ناشناس .. منظورت از میخ و سنگ چیه؟

  3. گلرخ جان . اجازه میدهی از این کار خوشم نیاید ؟ آن دندانها احتمالن بی تأثیر نیستند :(

  4. اصلاحات مهمه نه اشخاص! پس به كسي كه اصلاحات رو پيش ببره راي ميدم. با تمام علاقه ام به خاتمي به موسوس راي ميدم

  5. salam golrokh jan
    man tu brussels didam karaie shoa ro bacheha joloie EU chasbunde budan ruie parcheie sabz dore ma.
    4shanbe ie aksion e moshabeh hast tu bon joloie UN.
    mikhasta bebinam mishe ma chand ta az karato print begirim estefade konim? shaiad eine brussels ru ie parche, shaiaadam haminjuri plakarteshun konim.
    age ejaze hast be man mail bezan.